China visa

  We offer all-round visa services for foreigners all around the world. With simple documents such as passport, photo, and application form, applicants can get legal and safe China visa. Inculding:

  ● Business visa (M-visa): For those who come to China on business purpose, we could offer 1/2/6/12 months business visa from us.

  ● Tourist visa (L-visa): For those who come to China on travel purpose, we could offer 1/2/12 months tourist visa;

  ● Family visitor: For those who come to China for family visit, we could offer 3/6 months visitor visa;

  ● Work visa: For those who are work in China, we could offer Z visa and residence permits for applicants and his family members.

  Applicants do not need to submit comprehensive documents, neither need to deal with comprehensive departments, we will take care of all the procedures including application approval, information checking, process tracking until you get China visa successfully.


  ● 商务签证:为来华商务活动人士提供为期1个月、2个月、半年或1年的商务签证;

  ● 旅游签证:为来华游客提供为期1个月、2个月或1年的便捷旅游签证;

  ● 探亲签证:为来华探亲者提供3个月或半年的探亲签证;

  ● 工作签证:为来华就业者及其家属提供Z签证和居留许可;


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