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Proposal one

  Sorry, currently we don't have corresponding visa proposal.

Proposal two

  Sorry, currently we don't have corresponding visa proposal.

Proposal three

Issued by the overseas Chinese consulate.The applicant needs to stay in Hong Kong 1-4 working days; We will contact you after you submit your order.
visa type expiry date duration of
each stay
place to submit  
Tourist visa (L) 1 Three months 30\14 day/times 1 HongKong informationselect

  1. Documents for applying L-visa: original passport, one piece of 2-inch photo (blue/white background), “HK Landing slip” paster, Application form

  2. Documents for applying F-visa: all the documents for L visa, and your oversea name card or oversea company name and address

  3. Documents for family visitor Q-visa: all the documents for L visa, copy of marriage certificate, copy of both pages of your spouse’s citizenship card, passport front page copy and invitation letter from spouse.


  Requirements: current L/F visa issued by Chinese border or in China are not allowed to apply; For Malaysia and Thailand passport holders,China visa issued by outside of China is required for applying new visa.

  For US passport holder: For those who never been China before, you can only apply 3 months visa with double entry on the first time. Only for those who possess over 3 months visa before can apply for 6 months visa.

  For French: passport holder additional document is required: original travel insurance certificate (can be bought in HK HSBC Bank); Business I/L is required for business visa application

  Chinese people: For those who are birth in China(including HK, Macao, Taiwan) but holding foreign passport, more than 30 days visa issued by oversea’s embassy is required, passport should valid over 9 months.

  EU members: it takes about 4 working days to process the visa, applicant can not apply for urgent handle.

  Remark: Applicants from all the countries above need to be HK in person and need stay one night in HK.Please confirm your order at least one working day in advance.

  (Applicants who come from below countries can only apply for 15 days tourist visa with single entry, they are: Russia, India, Indonesia, Morocco.)

Declare: 1、“Working day” is subject to the time of consulate issuing visa. Delay would be happen on special occasions such as visa political interference, vacation, consulate personnel adjustment, delay work in consulate, visa paper out of stock, maintenance of printer. The processing time on our website is only freference, not legal commitment. Besides, the processing time not including the mailing time. Any economical losses caused by applicant who make travel arrangement base on our expected date fobtaining new visa, we don’t undertake any responsibilities. 2、Please book flight ticket hotel after you get new visa passport. We don’t take any responsibility fany economic losses. 3、You agree with the declaration as long as you submit your application.

Proposal four

  Sorry, currently we don't have corresponding visa proposal.

Proposal five

  Sorry, currently we don't have corresponding visa proposal.

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