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HK enacts sanction against Philippines

2014-02-07 16:05CRIENGLISH.comWeb Editor: Gu Liping

The Hong Kong government has started implementing the first phase of its new sanctions against the Philippines.

The SAR government has begun suspending the 14-day visa-free treatment normally afforded to holders of diplomatic and official passports for people from the Philippines.

It is estimated about 700 Philippine nationals who hold such passports will see their travel to Hong Kong affected by the move.

The sanctions come as Philippine authorities have failed to make a formal apology and meet other demands by the families of victims who were killed in a hostage taking in Manila three years ago.

Regina Ip Lau Suk-yee is a member of Hong Kong's Legislative Council.

"We have been preparing for the worst. This tenure of the Philippine president will end by 2016 and he cannot pursue another term. There are many people against his views. Some also criticize him. The Hong Kong SAR government can do our work from the political perspective and talk to people in economic and political circles. The present president will not seek another term and he will not take concrete measures. We have to wait a little longer."

The Philippine President Benigno S. Aquino III still says he has no plans to make a formal apology.

He contends this would lay the blame on the Philippine government for the incident, which saw a recently-dismissed police officer take a bus load of Hong Kong hostage.

After a botched attempt to rescue the hostages, the attacker began opening fire randomly on the hostages, leaving 8 dead and several others wounded before

Philippine forces eventually stormed the bus, killing the attacker.

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